About Us

When we first started hanging out as friends, we were just second years at UC San Diego. Always having to debate with ourselves what to eat when we went to Ocean View Terrace or Sierra Summit was a pain and we wanted to eat better food. We talked about the things we wanted to eat and the things we knew how to make. I invited Jeff over to show him how to make wontons with my grandma’s recipe. Jeff wanted to bake salmon the next time. We got together every Friday to come up with something new to cook and afterwards Jeff would drive us out to explore different places in San Diego. Through our interest in food and in exploring new places, we got to hang out a lot and became close friends.

Now that we live off campus and there is no dormitory food to rely on anymore, there is even more reason and opportunity for us to add to the menu of things we can cook to sustain ourselves and keep us studying hard. Here we’ll share the recipes that we’ve tried, reviews on restaurants that we’ve eaten at, and places that we’ve gone to see. Enjoy =]


2 responses to “About Us

  1. you guys are just too cool 🙂

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