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Start of a New Chapter

Family Photo

In just a few days, I start graduate school at USC. It hasn’t really hit me yet even though I completely moved into my downtown LA apartment on Sunday. It still feels like summer to me, just chilling with Sonya and Kobe here in San Diego. It will probably hit me that I’m really away from home (SD) sometime next week. On the flip side, I am extremely excited to start my program. I already discovered that the Trojan Family was real from my internship this summer. It’ll also be fun to finally be a part of a Division 1 school. Even though the football team is still banned from bowl games next year, it should still be a good season. I can’t wait until the homecoming game vs Stanford on Oct 29th. If you want tickets to any games, just let me know!

Kobe is now 13.5 months old! He’s pretty much full-grown, but I think he’s the perfect size right now. A few months ago, we discovered another dog park off of Carmel Mountain Road. It’s a lot bigger than the Nobel dog park, and it also has a lot more grass. One of the big perks is that this park has a lot more golden retrievers that go as well! Kobe found a best friend in Astro and a girlfriend in Lucy. He loves to wrestle and chase them all the time. We actually think Kobe and Lucy might even be related. They were both from breeders in North SD, so it’s very possible they share the same lineage, probably from Kobe’s father. It’s funny, their faces look so much alike except Lucy is darker. They even play the same exact way, going for the legs, pinning dogs down, sitting on dogs faces, and using their butts during body slams. It’s too bad Kobe is fixed, because Lucy is real cute!

Kobe and Lucy!

A few weeks ago, we met a photographer named Ann at the Doggie Street Festival in downtown SD, and we decided to do a photo-shoot with Kobe before I left for LA. It turned out great, we got a ton of shots of Kobe and even some family portraits haha. Check them out here: the code is Kobe.


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