Happy Birthday to Kobe!

Today, Kobe turned 1 year old! Jeff and I planned a really fun day with him:

First, we went to The Total Dog for a swim lesson. At the Total Dog, Kobe was fitted into a vest before he got into the water. At first he was very skeptical and clung to our instructor, but he started learning very quickly. Previous to this experience, he’s only swam for about 2 seconds at Fiesta Island. At the Total Dog, he had a positive and rewarding experience with swimming. By the end of the session, he was going out on his own, fetching the toys, swimming back, and begging for more! I’ll put up a video of him swimming soon!

We came home for a break and lunch. Kobe took a nice nap because swimming was a real workout for him. Then, we went to Dexter’s Deli to get a birthday cupcake for him =). We enjoyed the yummy cupcake at the Del Mar beach. Kobe got to run around in the waves and enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather.

Kobe and Jeff strolling on Del Mar Beach

Kobe's birthday cupcake

Since Kobe got pretty dirty today, we took him to the DirtyDog Pet Wash and Boutique to get cleaned up. Here, we gave Kobe a bath by ourselves. They provide you with a nice bath tub for the dog, shampoo, conditioner, towels, brushes, blow-dryer, everything! We definitely think we’ll be back in the future, it was very convenient and close by off of Carmel Mountain Road.

Jeff washing Kobe

All in all, today was a great day and Kobe was pooped out after all the adventures we had today!

Kobe passed out


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  1. jono

    make me your dog

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