Kobe Becomes A Dog! Part 1

Couple of real exciting milestones happened in the past few days for Kobe.

Number one. Although a golden retriever, Kobe never had a knack for retrieving things, he would only do it sometimes in the house. Whenever we would take him to the dog beach or dog park, he would just watch other dogs chase down countless balls thrown by their owners, too lazy to run long distances. However, when we took Kobe to the dog park on Thursday, we happened to find a bright yellow softball lying in the corner. Amazingly, Kobe loved playing fetch with it! Even if I chucked it to the opposite end of the park he still ran it down and brought it back, with his floppy tongue sticking out under the softball that was almost too big for his mouth. We are real proud of him for finally retrieving, not to mention that it’s great we found something to tire him out faster!


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