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Our date in LA

This past weekend, Jeff and I decided to take a day trip to LA. While looking for things to do, Jeff stumbled upon a website that explained how we could be part of a studio audience. We chose to volunteer to be the audience for Let’s Make A Deal with Wayne Brady and so we went to check it out! The first two hours or so was just full of waiting in lines and checking in. For this show, people dress up in all sorts of crazy outfits and costumes so that Wayne Brady will notice you and pick you as a contestant. They pick all their contestants from the audience, so everyone has a chance to win money or prizes! The woman next to me actually got chosen and she won a jetski! It was really fun being a part of the audience and watching people win prizes. Jeff and I got to sit in the second row, so maybe when they air the show, we can see ourselves in the audience! I thought it was a fun experience and it took up a good portion of our day, and the best part is was that it’s free! All you have to do is sign up online! Maybe we’ll see what other shows we can be a part of next time we visit LA.

Us at Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Afterwards, we went to walk around in Hollywood and see the Walk of Fame with the stars and the handprints. This is my first time here and it was fun to see the stars’ signatures and handprints in the sidewalk. Later, we went just up the hill to this restaurant called Yamashiro which has a beautiful view of Los Angeles! Jeff and I bought a groupon for this place a while ago and we finally got to come check out the food and the view. We really enjoyed our appetizers: the seaweed salad and the spicy seafood miso soup. The soup reminded me of a thai soup that I like to get, it was spicy and bright and the salmon in the soup was really tasty. The salad was very refreshing and unlike any other salad that we’ve ever gotten. The entrees that we ordered were good, but we agreed that for the hefty price tag, both of us would have to think long and hard about going back and ordering it. Jeff got the Miso Black Cod, which he said was good, but he didn’t really enjoy the vegetables or the wasabi mashed potatoes. I ordered the Grilled Seafood entree, which was pretty good. For dessert, we tried the Yama S’mores, which is a chocolate cake sandwiched between a huge melted marshmallow and a graham cracker and served with some rocky road ice cream. That was really a treat!

Spicy Seafood Miso Soup

Seaweed Salad

Miso Black Cod

Grilled Seafood

Yama S'mores

Sitting outside of Yamashiro and enjoying the view of LA

We had a great day in LA full of seeing and trying new things.

P.S. I just remembered something sad though. While we were driving in LA and when we just got off a highway, we saw the car in front of us hit a poor squirrel =(. I suppose it’s the squirrels fault for running out onto the road, and the car probably didn’t even see it. The poor thing got hurt and twitched in the road for a few seconds and then I think it gave up. So sad!


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Wine Tasting at Orfila

Last weekend, Jeff and I decided to go wine-tasting. We’ve never really drank much wine before and we have no experience at all with it actually! I can’t tell good wine from bad wine yet and I don’t even know the difference between merlots or cabernets or whatever. But we were looking for something new to do, and so we gave wine-tasting a try. I looked online and found a winery named Orfila that is not far away at all, just twenty minutes away in Escondido and right next to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Sonya with the grapes of Orfila

We went on a free tour of their winery, and they showed us the grape vines that produce their award-winning wine. Orfila was the first winery in San Diego and they have won many awards for their wines. An interesting fact that I learned during the tour is that throughout the vineyard, they have little birdhouses that house owls. When the wild animal park or other conservation places retire their owls, they bring them to Orfila and the owls take care of the vineyard too.

Jeff with the wine barrels that are aging

After the tour, we got to try the wines. We found a good deal from their website that allowed the two of us to try six wines each for just $10. We started with some whites and then moved onto the reds. It was fun tasting the wines, although, the wine was probably wasted on our palettes, they all started to taste really similar once we got to the third, fourth, five glasses. We did manage to bring home a glass of rose wine that was sweeter and not as heavy and bitter. Also, we got to keep our wine glasses! All in all, it was a fun trip and a good experience. I’d definitely recommend people in San Diego to check it out!

Us enjoying our last glass of wine from the wine-tasting

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Cutest Conversation Ever

I heard the cutest conversation between a mom and her little girl in the bathroom yesterday:
mom: honey are you almost done?
girl (from inside the stall): i haven’t even started yet!!!
mom: well do you know how much longer it’s going to take? we’re all waiting for you outside!
girl: um…about half an hour?
mom: what?? alright, well can you please hurry? i’ll wait outside alright? (she starts to leave the bathroom)
girl: Mom??
mom: yeah?
girl: I love you!!!
isn’t that cute?!!??

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