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Visiting Friends in Taiwan

I just got back from a 2.5 week trip to Taiwan and just wanted to share some photos of one of the most memorable nights! Since my family is all from Kaohsiung, I rarely get to hang out with friends, because they are all in Taipei. We did manage to make a short two day trip to Taipei, and Sandy showed me and my cousins a good time! First, Sandy took us to a restaurant called Ganbei (“Cheers” in chinese), where we ordered lots of different meats to cook on the Japanese-style grill. Even before you step inside, you’ll notice that the walls are covered in polaroids of people kissing each other. If the waiters challenge you to kiss for an elongated 10 seconds, they reward you with a polaroid on the wall as well as a free plate of meat of your choice!

Some of the yummy meats awaiting to be cooked

Cousins Jeffrey and Jessica concentrating on the delicious food cooking before their eyes.

Sandy and I, happy to be out with friends while in Taipei!

Group photo!

This restaurant was lively and a lot of fun! I would recommend it if you’re looking for an exciting environment as well as good food for a very reasonable price.


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