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Seeing Friends

It’s always nice to come back to San Jose and see our friends from high school and be able to catch up and see what everyone is up to! Even though I wasn’t in the bay for that long, I was able to see a lot of my good friends, although I forgot to take pictures with some =(.

We got to celebrate Kiku’s birthday with her right after graduation. I wish her all the best of luck in New Jersey teaching chemistry with Teach for America!

I also got to catch up with these two lovely Berkeley graduates! They just came back from a trip to Taiwan, which is where I am headed tonight! It was so nice to get some frozen yogurt and sit in the sun and enjoy each other’s company!

Haven’t seen some of these guys in a year or two! Andrew introduced me to Pizza Antica in Santana Row, where we tried three different thin crust pizzas while the USA vs Ghana soccer game was going on. I’m definitely go back to that place, lots of yummy pizza! It’s cool to see how much we’ve all grown and the different things that we are doing now.

Jeff and I also went up to San Francisco one night to see Jordan, Randall and Lizzy, but I forgot to document our trip with a photo! Darn it! I remember that driving up to SF from San Jose was such a drastic change. There was literally a twenty degree difference! We left San Jose with blue sunny skies, and when we got to San Francisco, it was super foggy and drizzling!

I’m glad I got to hang out with some of my best friends this week, and now I’m off to Taiwan for the next eighteen days! I’m anticipating hot humid weather and mosquitoes =(. I’m going with my family to see the grandparents and cousins. If anyone is going to be in Kaohsiung.. let me know?


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Summer is finally here! Jeff and I spent a little more than a week just chillin’ in San Diego. Without having to worry about schoolwork or jobs, we took the time to clean the apartment/townhouse up and also to go out and play. For graduation, my parents also got me a new camera! So now I can upload pictures again and document our life! For Jeff’s birthday, we went to Seaworld to spend a day out in the sun, and to hang out with the penguins!

We went on the Penguin Encounter Tour, and spent an hour learning about these cute little guys. We even got to pet a Macaroni Penguin! The picture above is when they let us go into the actual penguin exhibit. It may be summer over here, but in Antarctica it’s winter time, so they dimmed the lights and turned the temperature way down to mimic the weather over there. They are able to control the temperature so well and have it mimic real life that the penguins are doing really well and their reproduction rates have gone up. When we went, there weren’t any baby penguins, but some of the Emperor penguins were starting to mate and maybe in our wintertime, we’ll see some eggs hatch and some baby penguins!

Seaworld just started a new dolphin show called Blue Horizons. They closed down the old stadium and revamped the whole thing. We actually went to see the first show on Memorial Day Weekend. Anyway, this show incorporates dolphins and birds and cirque du soleil actors all into one big production. However, I’m not sure I really like it that much, I think I liked the old show better. This new show is kind of cheesy–it’s about a girl named Marina who wishes her dreams could come true. The dolphins do the same tricks, but the focus isn’t as much on the dolphins themselves anymore, and more on the acting and waterworks. One cool thing is that they have the only two performing pilot whales in the whole world, and they come around and splash everybody in the audience. If you do get a chance to visit Seaworld, my favorite show is Sea Lions Tonight and the Cirque De LaMer show–I’ve seen it so many times, but they are so funny, I never get sick of it. Also, in the summertime, there are fireworks after the Shamu Rocks show =)

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Finals Week

It’s been forever long since Jeff or I posted in this blog, so since I have time (I mean… since I’m procrastinating) I might as well write a little blurb. It is finals week here at UCSD, it’s all gone by so fast! We didn’t even get to blog about all the exciting things that have happened this past quarter! Sungod was a blast, that was a few weeks ago, friends came down, we enjoyed some good weather and good music, it was great! Last week was our last week of undergraduate class and once we are done with these finals, it means we are just one step closer to graduation!

It’s that bittersweet time of year again, when we look back upon our accomplishments in the last four years and say our sweet goodbyes to the friends that have been there with us through it all. I think that I’ve learned a lot about myself as well as what I’m passionate about in college. A lot of people are moving back to Norcal or going to other great places to work, but to me, it doesn’t feel that different since I will still be here at UCSD next year, in the graduate program for education. I’m excited for that and I wonder how it will be different from my experience with the EDS minor.

For now, let’s focus on studying for these last finals of our undergraduate career! Next time, we’ll post about graduation and summer plans!! Good luck to everyone on finals!

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