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Boxwood Cafe

Over the weekend, Jeff and I took a quick trip to UCLA because I had a group interview for the Teacher Education Program. The group interview went pretty smoothly, and after it was over, I got to hang out with my sisters and some of my friends at UCLA. It just so happened to be Restaurant Week in LA (they call it Dine LA), so we looked for a new place to try. We decided to check out Gordon Ramsey’s Boxwood Cafe for lunch on Saturday. The restaurant is actually inside a very nice hotel and the decor of the restaurant was very elegant, a little bit like we were attending a tea party or something.
Here’s some of the food we got to eat!

I didn’t get to eat everything but we did get all but one of the items on the menu, so we went around taste-testing each other’s plates. I think my favorite was my appetizer–the Salmon Riette–it was kind of like eating a bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese spread but better! It was a really light appetizer, which was good because my Steak and Ale Pie entree was pretty hearty. It reminded me of a Chicken Pot Pie, but made with steak instead. It was tasty and I tried to eat as much as I could before my stomach decided to tell me that I was getting full. My Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache was a little too chocolatey for me, but it wasn’t bad. I think Jeff really enjoyed his Pear Clafoutis, too bad I didn’t get to eat more of it! Our friends got the Lemon-Spearmint Creme Brulee and they all agreed that the spearmint flavor was too strong which made it weird to taste. Overall, I think we all still enjoyed Boxwood Cafe and left with our stomachs very full. $25 each for an appetizer, entree, and dessert during restaurant week is okay, but I don’t think regular college students could afford their regular menu.

Eating a good meal with our UCLA friends!



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California Fish Grill

Our friends Eric and Sandy took us to eat dinner at a sweet place called California Fish Grill in Irvine, right across from where they live. We really enjoyed this place because the fish was really tasty and it’s different from other restaurants. When we first walked in, we looked at the menu and ordered. Eric told us that we could order whatever fish they had on the menu, we could select from Tuna, Salmon, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, and others. Then we could pick a sauce to go with the fish–either a cajun sauce or a garlic butter sauce (yum!). Sandy and I ordered a Mahi Mahi with the garlic butter sauce and Eric and Jeff ordered Fish and Scallops. Both dishes were very good! The portion of the Mahi Mahi was pretty big but it had a light texture, and it was so good that I ate it all! It also came with a piece of bread, rice, and cole slaw. Jeff, who claims to not care for scallops, was nudged by Eric to try them out when they are fried. Jeff liked it better because the texture is different when the scallops are fried. I wasn’t able to take any pictures when we went, but the next time we go back to Irvine, we’ll definitely go back to try other menu items!


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Vegas for MLK Weekend!

For the MLK Weekend, Jeff and I went to Las Vegas with some of my best friends! It was semi-spontaneous because I we were just chatting and thinking how much fun it’d be if we went, so we called up our friends in Irvine to see if they were down to go too. It was kind of last minute because we decided we were going to go altogether a week before we actually went, but it all worked out! Jeff found a good deal at Aria–the brand new resort and casino. It was really nice there because the location was conveniently in the middle of the strip and the rooms were classy. One of the coolest things about our room was that when we entered, the blinds opened automatically and the tv and lights turned on for us. When we wanted to go to sleep, there was a button next to our beds that said “Goodnight” and when you press it, everything shuts down–the tv, the lights, the blinds close–it was super cool!

The Aria Casino/Resort from the outside

One of the highlights from our trip included visiting the nightclub XS at Encore for the first time! I have heard all sorts of things about having to get in line early, paying cover or not, and the awesome decor inside. Sandy and I even did some research before we went to see how we could get in for sure and for a cheap price. We ended up getting free cover passes for the ladies, but the boyfriends still had to pay a cover of $30 to get in. The line at 9:30pm was amazingly long, thank goodness we didn’t have to go to the very end! I’ll reiterate the same advice that others have given to me: If you want to get into XS, line up early! XS was very exciting indeed, but the best part was being able to spend it with Stephanie+Mike and Sandy+Eric!

Group photo in the elevator on our way to XS!

Jeff’s absolute favorite place to eat in Vegas is at Studio B, the buffet at the new M Resort. He was able to convince everyone to come eat with us on Sunday night. How can you resist endless amounts of warm crab, sushi and sashimi, every type of cuisine imaginable, complimentary beer and wine, and all the cute hand-crafted desserts you can imagine? You can’t! I think I can safely say that everyone left that buffet full and happy. We highly recommend this buffet to anyone going to Vegas–it’s better than all the other buffets, and $10 cheaper than the other buffets too! What a deal!

M Buffet Conquered!

We had an unforgettable weekend =] thanks to Sandy+Eric, Stephanie+Mike, and Alex+Paige. Let’s get together again soon!


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Whale Watching

Last Saturday Sonya and I went on a whale watching cruise off the coast of San Diego. We got our tickets half off from a discount site: . They have 2-3 deals a week for pretty much anything in major cities in the US. We had originally got reservations for the 9:30am cruise, but we ended up getting there right when the boat was leaving the dock, so we decided to go eat lunch at the fish market and wait until the 1:30pm cruise.

"Master and Command" Ship

It’s too bad we didn’t get to go on the morning cruise. The captain said they saw lots of grey whales and pods of dolphins, even some sea lions too. Our cruise took forever to find whales. The captain took us to the kelp area where the whales usually hang out, but they weren’t there in the afternoon. He then took us south towards Tijuana where another whale watching boat had spotted a couple of grey whales. Finally, near Mexican waters, we saw the blow of a couple of grey whales, and the “rare” sighting of their tail flukes. We also saw the ship from the movie “Master and Commander”! (pic above) They were filming for a Japanese beer commercial haha.

The day before our whale watching adventure, we decided to take Dramamine, the motion sickness medicine, because I have had seasickness in the past. However, we bought the generic CVS brand, which I guess had the warning label of drowsiness. And boy were we sleepy, especially me. I was pretty much falling asleep left and right on the entire cruise. I just couldn’t stay awake!


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Winter Quarter

Jeff and I have perfected the art of scheduling all our classes so that we are on campus efficiently and have time to do other things. Jeff only has class on Tues/Thurs, and I only have class Tuesday through Thursday. The pros are that we don’t have to keep shuttling or driving to school for just one class and go back and forth all the time, and that we have more time for work. The bad side of it is that you can get really tired from sitting in classes all day long, and Jeff has three midterms on the same day–that sucks.

I think I will enjoy my classes this quarter. Now that I am a senior and am finishing up my psychology classes and education studies classes, I only have to take three classes per quarter. It’s going to be smooth sailing hopefully. I think the senioritis is kicking in again.

I have also just finished all my graduate school applications and have sent all the manila envelopes out. I am applying to get my teaching credential and also my Masters in Education. After that, I can start to teach! Many people have asked me what grade I want to teach, but I haven’t entirely decided yet. I know I want to teach elementary school for sure, little kids are just so funny and cute! Plus I love doing the creative art projects and reading and sharing. I think that teaching each grade would be fun. Do you have a grade that you thought was particularly fun?


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